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Who’s the Rolling Stone that Gathers No Moss?

The old proverb goes “a rolling stone gathers no moss.”  This often refers to those who avoid taking responsibility or cultivating or advancing their own knowledge, experience or culture. So, do you want to understand what’s really gone on behind … Continue reading

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“The Sustainability Imperative” – The Next Business Megatrend

The May 2010 Harvard Business Review has a great new article called “The Sustainability Imperative” which backs up the basis of sustainable investing.  The authors assert that sustainability is the next transformational business trend just as business has previously experienced … Continue reading

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A Sustainability Index worth looking at?

As someone who assists companies in understanding what sustainability is, how to advance towards strategically positioning themselves with a sustainable business model and how/what their investors will be looking for,  I was thrilled last week when I discovered an index … Continue reading

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