Thompson Reuters makes ESG data available to buy/sell-side analysts

The market for environmental, social and governance (ESG) data continues to get the attention of the big market players.  With the latest news, reported last week by “Responsible Investor”, that Thompson Reuter is to put its ESG data out to about 45,000 buy and sell-side investment analysts via it’s Datastream service.

The company says that it will include a subset of Asset4’s (a swiss-based company that Thompson Reuters bought last year) data, a set of cross-asset analysis tools as of Q1 2011.  The company mentions that analysts will be able to access quantitative ESG data and use it to make correlations with existing financial information.  Analysts will not have access to Asset4’s policy reports or more specialist ESG information, but it sounds like those will be available for a premium price.

One of the interesting points about this news is that Asset4 (prior to being purchased by Thompson Reuters) was one of the few global firms to cover and provide rankings on Canadian companies.  In my view, this is great news for those mainstream analysts who cover Canadian companies and now desire to find more suppliers for their ESG data / research products.  With Bloomberg data and now Reuters data being made accessible to both financial analysts and corporations, it sounds to me like we’ve just hit another milestone along the path to mainstreaming of ESG data integration.

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