Congratulations to Inmet Mining for taking leadership

Happy New Year to all.  Yes, it’s been quite some time since I’ve written but again, as I promised… I’ll only write when I find there are interesting and relevant pieces to write about.

Today, I’d like to take the time to congratulate Inmet Mining (IMN-TO) for taking such a leadership role in advancing the conversation, the understanding and hopefully, the uptake of corporate responsibility / sustainability into financial analysis.  Last Thursday (Jan 13/11), I had the privilege to facilitate the “Integrating Corporate Responsibility Performance into Mining Analysis” workshop that the company hosted in Toronto, Ontario.

The company lined up great speakers (as listed below) with the aim of helping buy and sell-side financial analysts, together with others in the business community, to identify and understand what the issues are, why they matter and how they can in fact impact a corporation’s bottom line.  Here’s how the line-up looked:

  • How ESG issues affect the company bottom line – Irene Sosa, Jantzi-Sustainalytics
  • How polititical risk considersations factor into investment decisions – Signi Schneider, EDC
  • Towards Sustainable Mining – Gordon Peeling, President & CEO of Mining Association of Canada
  • How implementing CR principles  builds value – Craig Ford, VP Corporate Responsibility, Inmet Mining
  • How an Institutional Investor incorporates CR into analysis – Stephen Kibsey, VP Equity Risk Management, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec.

Overall I believe that the session was helpful to those in attendance.  Part of the goal was to discover if there is a desire to continue such dialogue around these issues and to generate ideas around how the company and the mining industry might do so.  If you, as a reader, have ideas to share on how the mining community might continue to develop this kind of knowledge and understanding, the company would be happy to hear such thoughts.  Feel free to contact me and I will happily forward them along.

So my call today is this:  Given the kind of leadership we’ve seen Inmet Mining take to break the gap that exists between the actions taking place in the corporate world and the financial community, why do we not see other companies from other industries taking similar leadership? Why does the financial community not embrace this unique opportunity that lies before them?  I guess these are all questions that will be answered as we all advance forward, however I would challenge everyone / every company to consider this idea.  There is enormous room for leadership when it comes to this field.  Will you be one of leaders or will you wait to be pulled along?

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