A great chance for Directors to learn about how to consider environmental and social issues in the boardroom!

Today I’m doing something that I don’t normally do.  I’m going to put forward information about an upcoming event as I believe it is a great opportunity for readers to participate in an event that I applaud.  The event is called “Beyond compliance – Social and environmental issues in the boardroom”.  It will take place next week (April 13/11) in Montreal.  It’s a complimentary session that’s being offered by Deloitte to help corporate directors better understand how to consider environmental and social issues at the boardroom table.  The event will be webcast across the country, so please do be in touch with Deloitte if you’re interested in participating.  Details are below:

The Directors’ Series

Beyond compliance – Social and environmental issues in the boardroom

Wednesday, April 13, 2011 – 10:45 am to 1:30 pm

Le Windsor Ballrooms – 1170 Peel Street, Montreal

It has been predicted that the sustainability movement will transform organizations and the economy to a degree matched only by the advent of mass production, the technology revolution and globalization. Recent high profile incidents such as the BP oil spill have highlighted the importance of this issue.

Are the risks, rewards and costs associated with sustainability fully understood and addressed in your organization’s strategy and operations? Has your board taken the time to consider whether sustainability objectives have been built into the business plan and reporting? Moreover, have they been clearly communicated to your shareholders? Do you understand the impact current regulations pertaining to sustainability have on your organization as well as the regulatory requirements that can be expected in the future? The upcoming Directors’ Series session will examine the implications of these and other emerging issues for boards of directors.

Please join us at this session to hear from seasoned corporate directors, company executives and other professionals who will share their insights on current corporate governance issues.

Our panel includes:

Stephen J. Griggs – Executive Director, Canadian Coalition for Good Governance

Mary Mogford – Corporate Director, Potash Corporation, former Ontario Deputy Minister of Finance and Deputy Minister of Natural Resources

Daniel Simard – General Co-ordinator, Bâtirente

Valerie Chort -National leader, Sustainability and Climate Change, Deloitte

Don Wilkinson – Vice Chair, Deloitte

Register online at www.deloitte.com/ca/directorsseries

Please note that the presentations will be delivered in English.  Discussions will be in both English and French.

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