Milla Craig is the Canadian expert on sustainable investing. As an industry analyst, consultant, workshop leader and speaker Milla brings her passion, unique independent perspective and practical approach on sustainable investing to institutional investors, asset managers, and public companies. She’s the founder and principal of Millani Perspectives (http://millaniperspectives.com).

Milla has over 15 years in Institutional Equity Sales with Scotia Capital, RBC and BZW where she was consistently a top tier investment sales person in Canada.

Over her career, Milla has worked with financial analysts, executive management teams of Canadian public corporations and some of Canada’s largest pension funds, mutual funds and insurance companies. She’s built a reputation for anticipating trends and designing and implementing successful investment strategies including the successful China strategy at Scotia Capital.

Milla is taking this same pioneering spirit to sustainable investing. She strongly believes this is the next important opportunity in investing. Since there is currently no formal way to learn about sustainable investing, Milla has devoted much of her time over the past two years learning about the latest thinking and trends in sustainable investing and developing her skills in this area. She’s attended over 30 conferences and workshops.

She’s also taken her belief in the future of sustainable investing to help found the start-up organization: Finance & Sustainability Initiative — Montreal


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